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Simple & Powerful Digital Marketing Techniques for Christmas

By DANIEL SANDOVAL | Digital Marketing | No Comments

Christmas will soon be upon us and if you haven’t already begun your successful digital marketing campaign – today is the day!


A good place to start you holiday digital marketing is with your current customers. Send your loyal customers Christmas greetings through a Christmas e-Card in which you can offer reminders of special holiday events as well as all the deals you’ll be offering. In addition, you might consider offering an exclusive loyal customer Christmas special to get them to visit your ecommerce site or your brick and mortar store.


As Christmas gets closer, deliver last minute shoppers great shopping ideas and offers. There are always those who procrastinate, and with this Event-Driven marketing, you can draw these last-minute shoppers to your site and your store. Use email, social media, and blogs to offer up unique gift ideas as well as reviews of this year’s popular items and speak to those last-minute shoppers, attracting them to you site and store.


Be unique in your digital marketing. As you well know, all your competitors will be running their own advertising campaigns at Christmas and you want to outshine them – drawing customers and prospects to your site and your store to do their holiday shopping. This means you will need to get creative, use your imagination, and touch shoppers heart strings with your own special brand of Christmas spirit.


Tailor at least part of your digital marketing campaign exclusively to social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Everyone is looking for ideas during the holidays and with liking, sharing, and comments, you can drive traffic to both your site and your store. When posting speak directly to your customers and get them involved so you know exactly what they are looking for this Christmas.


On a related note, if you have begun to advertise on Facebook, now is the ideal time to do so. Facebook offers amazing options to target your advertising, customizing your audience based on demographics, interests, and other metrics. Facebook is also affordable, allowing you to capitalize on increasing your holiday traffic while not breaking the bank. And on top of that, Facebook advertisements are 80 percent visual giving you an incredible opportunity to capture everyone’s attention and encourage them to visit your site!


Once visitors get to your site, you need to be certain their online shopping experience is simple and seamless. Shopping your site should be optimized and easy, whether your guests are shopping from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Every shopper should be able to order their desired items with a few simple clicks. The last thing you want is a frustrated shopper at Christmas because your site falls short of expectations.


And one last tip, your site, like brick and mortar storefronts, should be festive for the holiday season. No clutter, mind you, but Christmas reminders throughout set the tone for a pleasing shopping experience which encourages return visitors all year through.