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Online Marketing for Catering Services

By DANIEL SANDOVAL | Miami | No Comments

When you plan to acquire new customers for a catering service business or some related food business, you most consider all your marketing options in your area.

Traditional marketing methods, such as print marketing,  have seen a steady decline in popularity and effectiveness in recent years. Not only are these methods expensive, wasteful, and time consuming, but because the average consumer is inundated with literally thousands of advertisements everyday, we’ve all grown accustom to simply tuning most of them out. A print advertisement is more likely to get thrown away and ignored than actually utilized. For a catering service in Miami, that can mean a steady loss of business

Most businesses are switching over almost entirely to digital marketing to really bump up the advertising appeal of what they do. This includes a strong web presence and SEO to back it up, as well as a popular and conversational social media presence.

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When you choose digital marketing for your catering business, it gives you the upper hand on so many levels. What’s so different about digital marketing?

Online Marketing for Catering Services Cost

You can keep your overall marketing budget the same, and with digital marketing, you’ll likely be able to do two or three times as much. Or, if you’re looking to cut back on spending, digital marketing is a great way to do it. Many aspects of it are completely free, or cost very little (including pay per click advertisements, Facebook or Google ads, etc.). Because you’re not wasting money on print services, you’ll have more to budget elsewhere.

Marketing for Catering Reach

With print marketing, your reach only goes so far – perhaps to your local community. With digital marketing? The reach is endless. Even if you only offer catering services in Miami, digital marketing ensures your business can be seen by the entire city, and surrounding areas. You can even specifically target who you’d like to advertise to, from location, to age range, etc. When you choose your target audience, you have a better chance of gaining more business. Plus, the more focused you are on your digital marketing, the easier it will be for potential clients to find you, because your website, Facebook page, etc. can potentially dominate search engines with the right keywords.


Because you’re not spending as much, you’re reaching more people, and you’re able to control just about every aspect of your marketing in an instant, digital marketing can really increase the overall profitability of your business. It turns your actual business into a more ‘human like’ production, since you can interact daily with potential clients and past clients through social media, answer questions, update your website, write blogs, and so much more. The landscape of digital marketing changes daily, and with the right tools and resources at your fingertips, you can truly make it your own, to grow your catering business, get new clients, and market yourself with ease and efficiency.