How to craft your marketing message during coronavirus

How To Craft Your Marketing Message During Coronavirus

By DANIEL SANDOVAL | Digital Marketing | No Comments

The global pandemic that is Corona Virus has had an undoubtedly negative effect on almost all parts of the economy. With much of the population across the country housebound, there has been a devastating effect on businesses and sales revenue. People have had to tighten their belts, meaning many businesses have lost customers, and their employees, their jobs.

For marketers that are still able to work, the challenge arises in communicating with target markets effectively and empathetically at this time. Here are some tips to getting messages across in what is now a different world from what it was a few weeks ago.

Make Your Message Positive

Right now people are being bombarded by multiple messages about the pandemic and how they have to change their lives to adapt. There is no need to add on to this. As you market to your clients, try to put a positive spin on things. Be supportive and emphasize your accessibility without being over-emotive. Let your customers know they can get in touch for help when needed. This will be especially helpful to B2B clients.

Look to The Medium and Long Term

At this time, it is obvious that people will be more conservative in their spending. With millions going on unemployment and businesses shutting down indefinitely, companies should expect revenues to dip. This means that you should target your branding efforts with an expectation of results much further down the line. Short term tactics like product launches and distributing flyers will have to be shelved for now thanks to social distancing precautions.

Clarify Your Precautions

Depending on the type of business, you may need to be very clear on what safety measures you are taking to safeguard customers and employees. More so if it is a business that is still operating during the lockdown. Your clients will want to know they will be safe when patronizing you or your products. Do not make it an opportunity to capitalize on greater profits. Keep your marketing message simple and with all pertinent details that will retain their confidence. Avoid delving into medical explanations best left to the CDC.

Keep It Brief and Factual

As said, people have enough to get through in their emails and social media right now. Do not contribute unnecessarily to the flood of messages. When marketing during corona, keep your message brief and on topic. This is not the time to add beautiful video and photographic content to your post. There will be time enough for that later. Also, keep to the facts. Do not embellish numbers or be vague. Stick to the truth.