Starting Your Cleaning Services Agency

By DANIEL SANDOVAL | Internet Business, Publicidad | No Comments

As you begin your cleaning services agency, on top of the location, equipment, transportation, and staff, you’ll need to also focus on how to market your services to ensure your ultimate success. You probably already realize investing your time to establish a stellar reputation will help your business grow through the referrals of satisfied customers, but when you are just starting out, you’ll need to market effectively to get your new business started.

What Makes Your Cleaning Service Unique?

Even though the cleaning services industry is nearly recession-proof, you will still need to be unique to capture the attention of your prospective target market. To discover how to set your business apart, you’ll want to check out the competition. Doing so is easy, with a quick search, you can assess your competitors’ online reviews, social media, and more. Is there an area where you can offer better service – flexible schedules, green cleaning, create a blog, or reach out to customers in a distinct way.

Be Professional in Every Way

You and your new cleaning service must exemplify a professional image – from your cleaning crew to your equipment to your vehicles to your classic marketing materials to your website and your social media presence. Every item which showcases your company should be in excellent condition while clearly and professionally displaying your logo for all to see as well as your contact information. This means uniforms should be clean as well as equipment and vehicles. It also means flyers, invoices, along with your website and social media presence should be easy to read and professionally done.

Getting the Word Out

There are lots of ways to let the community and your prospective clients about your new cleaning service. Tried and true methods are direct mail, distribution of flyers and brochures, even telemarketing and door-to-door introductions. The point is to get out there and get in front of your potential clients. Consider contacting real estate agents who often offer cleaning services to new home buyers and building contractors who use cleaning services when construction is complete.

In addition to these methods, you’ll want to cultivate a digital marketing campaign that includes social media and a website to promote your business. Your website will allow you to invite prospects to learn more about you, your team, and your business. You can also use it to share cleaning tips via your blog. Keep in mind that your site needs to be customer-centric, easy to navigate, without clutter, and optimized for those seeking you out via mobile devices as well as their home computers. You’ll also want to target your potential clients via social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Make your content useful, entertaining, and interactive, so you get the conversation going and your audience begins to share – thus spreading the word about your new cleaning services agency.