As a Small Business Owner in Miami, Why Should I Hire an Advertising Agency?

By DANIEL SANDOVAL | Internet Business, Miami | No Comments

As a business owner in Miami, regardless of the size of your business, you need a constant stream of customers to keep your business growing and thriving. This need becomes more crucial for smaller business who have limited funds to invest for advertising options, as well as marketing strategies and tools.


South Florida small business have been growing but it does not make it any easier, otherwise, attracting customers and getting those customers to choose your business out of all the businesses in Miami is an all-important task. As a business owner, you need an effective marketing plan to keep the customers coming in and returning to your business to be successful.  Of course, this requires that potential customers know who you are, what products or services you are providing, how those products or services will benefit them, as well as your ability to deliver in a way that is better than your competitors.

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The thing is, in order to communicate your business’ products or services to your target customers, you need a well-thought out, executable marketing plan. This is a fact of which you are aware but the question is, “Do you try to do this on your own or do you hire an ad agency to help you reach your customers successfully?”


The answer comes easily when you consider your advertising options in Miami including digital marketing tools, advertising costs, and marketing strategies. Knowing the importance of your marketing plan in generating new leads which develop into lifelong customers, hiring a professional ad agency is the solution that promises success.


Most small business owners don’t have the time to devote to all the aspects of marketing because they are busy handling all the day to day details involved in keeping their business running which makes the option of hiring an ad agency in Miami the ideal choice. A proven Miami ad agency such as Struoweb will provide you all the elements of an up-to-the-minute marketing strategy to make your small business successful including these elements:



This is, of course, a great start, but is not an all-inclusive list of advertising and marketing strategies needed to make your small business in Miami a success. And, that is where an ad agency in Miami comes in, to help you meet the challenging of successful marketing in the 21st century.


The truth is many small business owners believe that hiring a marketing manager directly is the most cost effective method, but an ad agency is a bargain. On average, hiring a Marketing Manager (salary + benefits) will cost around $125K, while hiring an ad agency will cost less than half, averaging $50K for one year. Ultimately a marketing agency will save you money in the bottom line’s expenses, while adding to it with successful branding, increased sales, and a continually growing customer base.